Arts News From Around South Africa

Cheaper than Roses: a rich bouquet of talent

Stephanie Klink: When Ismail Mahomed wrote Cheaper than Roses 20 years ago, he had only one person in mind to carry the one-woman show: vivacious actress Lizz Meiring.

The Sound of Music is a stunning production

Leon van Nierop: It has been described as the world’s favourite or best-loved family musical, and it’s easy to see why.

One Woman Farce opens at the Studio

The multi-award-winning actress, Louise Saint-Claire, has teamed up with writer-director Greg Homann in creating this zany one-woman play.

Exciting musical times ahead in Durban

Classical Notes by William Charlton-Perkins: Concert-goers have a wealth of inspiring music-making to look forward to in the weeks ahead.


Baby brothers and bicycles

Joanna Evans presents a story of children for adults that is honest, beautifully executed and quite distressing. In The Year of the Bicycle, red string connects glowing jars as the year of 1997 unfolds for two youngsters. Andile, a boy from an impoverished community near Hout Bay, makes an unlikely friend over the suburban brick wall of Amelia's house, an only child who fights-off loneliness ...

Drive With Me: a moving ride

I saw Drive With Me, directed by Liz Mills, two days ago and have been surprised that there isn’t more talk about it. Being familiar with Megan Furniss’s website Megan’s Head, I went looking for some information. Megan posts that she’s had ...

The View tackles contemptible views

Wow. The View is veritable. Post-show audience comments included, “That’s the best thing I’ve ever seen”. I understand why they’d feel that way. We meet a boy, skilfully and tenderly brought to life by Gideon Lombard. From his ...

Don't give up

Of all the arts disciplines, theatre surely is the bi-polar sibling. It experiences the high of a full house standing ovation and the soul-crushing low of tiers of empty seats. You can pretty much take it for granted that empty seats are going to be ...